Keep raspberries fresh!

  • To keep raspberries (or any fresh berry) fresh and firm, rinse them in 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water and then refrigerate. - Shaun J. - Alma, WI

Keep sandwiches fresh. Another use for coffee filters!

  • Before wrapping in plastic or foil, put sandwich in a cone-shaped coffee filter. No more soggy bread!

How to Crack a Coconut. Easily remove meat from a fresh coconut

  • To easily crack a coconut and get the meat out, a native of Hawaii told me to freeze it over night.  Then, holding it over a bowl, whack it across the middle of its “face” (if you look at one end, you will see “eyes” and a “nose”) with the blunt end of a cleaver.  The milk will drain into the bowl.  The meat will come easily free of the shell!