Do You Have Distressed Skin?

  • Use Fresh Meadow Soap until you feel your skin condition is under control, then switch to any of my moisturizing soaps if you wish.
  • Never use fabric softeners of any kind. They coat clothing with a thin film of petroleum or paraffin, which can irritate your skin.
  • To prevent dry, itchy skin after bathing, use 1/4-cup of cider vinegar in your bath.
  • Do not shampoo in the shower. This allows the shampoo and cream rinse products to run down your body, creating potential for more skin irritation. Try shampooing your hair in the sink. Better still, use any of my soaps in place of shampoo altogether.
  • Rinse hair with 1 tbsp of Cider Vinegar (for brown or dark hair) or 1 tbsp of white vinegar (for grey hair) or 1 tbsp Lemon juice (for light hair) in a glass of warm water to remove residue and remove tangles in wet hair. For really sensitive skin, it is best not to use shampoo at all, but use any of my bar soaps in place of shampoo. Just wet the bar and rub soap directly into wetted hair. Lather and rinse as usual, using any of the above suggested hair rinses. You will find that your hair will be silky, shiny, and more manageable then when using commercial shampoos.
  • Change your laundry detergent each time you shop. All laundry detergents leave a deposit on the fiber of your clothing. Each detergent will remove what the last one left, and leave its own, preventing buildup, which can be irritating to the skin.
  • Use powder, not liquid detergent. Liquids contain ingredients that will irritate sensitive skin. To prevent caking of powdered detergents on your clothing start washing machine filling with water first, then add clothing. No more blotches of detergent on your laundry.
  • Wear natural fiber clothing and footwear. Natural fibers allow air to circulate, where this is nearly impossible with man made fibers. Natural fibers to shop for would include cotton, linen, wool, ramie, rayon, hemp, canvas, angora, mohair, etch. You get the idea.

Yogurt Facial Scrub 

  • For acne, use cucumber soap. Eat alfalfa sprouts daily.
  • Once a week use a yogurt scrub for deep cleansing of blemished skin.
  • Yogurt scrub recipe: Using a fork, blend 1 tablespoon each plain yogurt, dry cornmeal, and ground oatmeal (use blender to grind). Apply to skin with gentle scrubbing motion. Avoid the eyes. Discard any leftover. Let dry 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Apply moisturizer.


  • In a blender, mix one egg until creamy. Remove handle from lid blender.  Then slowly drizzle olive oil (about 1/4-cup) through hole in lid while running blender on low speed, until the mixture is thick and white. Divide in half. Put in glass jars. Label one jar moisturizer to be used on your face and hands whenever dry skin is a problem. Label the other jar mayonnaise and add salt, garlic and spices and have it on your salad!
  • Or, use unsalted butter in place of moisturizer. I use the area of a pencil eraser to do my whole face. Butter is pure animal fat-which is some of what your skin is made of. Try it! It works!

Cure athlete’s foot, nail fungus or ringworm!

  • Mix 1 T alum (available at local grocery where spices are sold) and 1 egg white in small sauce pan. Whip with fork over low heat till mixture is thick and white. Remove from heat. Allow to cool slightly. While mixture is still warm, apply liberally to affected area. Cover with bandage, cloth, glove or sock over night. Rinse in the morning. Most cases are cured with just one application! Allow up to three months for new, healthy nails to grow. Keep nails clean and dry. Use my Fresh Meadow Soap daily to prevent recurrence.

Enjoy a Soothing Bath

  • Put 1/4-cup of cider vinegar in the bath water when you bath to prevent itchy skin.
  • Use 1-2 Tbsp of my bath salts to soothe irritated skin and make the bath smell nice!

Pumpkin Seed for Bladder Infections

  • After carving jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween, rinse your pumpkin seeds and dry them in your oven, then pulverize them in your food processor to use as tea for bladder infection.
  • Steep 1 teaspoon powdered pumpkin seed in 1 cup of tea three times daily as soon as symptoms appear.

    Soothe a Sore Throat

    • Old-fashioned tea is the perfect remedy. For sore throat and congestion make a strong cup of Chamomile tea and add two tsp each of honey and lemon juice. Drink while hot.

    Tea Tree Oil Prevent infection

    • To reduce chance of infection, put a few drops of tea tree oil in a tablespoon of olive oil and apply to wound.

    For Rashes, Insect Bites, and Skin Irritations

    • Cleanse area with a cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol, then cover with juice of an aloe leaf. Keep an aloe plant growing in a pot in your house. To use, simply break off a tip of one of the leaves and squeeze out the juice on the offended area of skin.

    For Diaper Rash

    • Thoroughly but gently clean area with a wet cloth and a bar of my Lemon Aloe soap. Apply unpasteurized honey to the irritated skin.
    • When the rash is healed, use cornstarch as a dusting powder to prevent further occurrences of rash.

    Avoid Summer Stings

    • Remember to use my Morning in the Woods soaps and bath salts in the summer time to keep biting insects away! Simply bathe or shower using this soap, and avoid hair sprays, scented deodorants and perfumes.

    Burdock Root - Natural Infection Fighter

    • For those winter colds and flu, drink 1 cup of Burdock root tea. As soon as you feel cold coming on, place one bag (or 1 teaspoon dried root) in a quart jar and fill with boiling water. Allow the tea to steep for one hour. Measure out 1 cup and reheat to pleasant temperature for drinking. Refrigerate remainder. Add honey and lemon to taste. Tea will turn dark green in refrigerator over night. Drink 1 cup three times daily to ward off cold and flu.
    • This same tea is also good for most skin diseases, such as eczema, seborrhea, and psoriasis. Burdock root is available in your favorite health food store, or likely in your own backyard! To harvest and use the root, during the growing season, dig up a root. The younger the plant, the better the root will be for this purpose. Wash root. Score the root lengthwise with a sharp knife. Peel off the skin. A nice, smooth, white root will be exposed. Slice it up into thin pieces. Scatter on a paper towel and allow to dry out. Store in a tightly covered glass jar.

    Burn Care

    • To soothe, protect from infection and prevent scarring, cover burn with unpasteurized honey and dress with clean cotton or gauze cloth. Cleanse area with my Lemon Aloe soap and water; reapply honey and change dressing twice daily.

    Conditioner for Dry, Sun-Damaged Hair

    • Mix 1 egg with 1-cup olive or Vitamin E oil, and apply to freshly washed hair. Comb through and allow to dry several hours or overnight (cover pillow with towel). If your hair is long, braid it or tie it back and up onto your head. Wash and style as usual.

    Coconut oil for nails

    • For healthy nails on both hands and feet, rub coconut oil on nail and cuticle each night before bed.

    Cornstarch! Prevent odor in shoes

    •  To prevent unpleasant foot odor sprinkle corn starch in shoes before wearing them.

    Honey to prevent scarring

    • To prevent scarring and infection apply unpasteurized honey to wound. Cover with bandage. Wash and change daily.
    • Unpasteurized honey will also prevent infection

    Frankincense for pretty legs!

    • To reduce the size and color of blue veins on your legs, try rubbing them with Frankincense oil.
    • This oil will also help to stem bleeding when injury occurs.