Themes for Wedding Showers

Need a wedding shower idea? Try one of these!

  • FILL A RECIPE BOX: With the shower invitation, send each guest a recipe card on which they should write their own favorite recipe and bring along a nonperishable grocery item or special utensil needed for the recipe.
  • A ROOM THEME: Choose a particular room of the couple's home and use it as a theme for the gifts. Bathroom, dining room, entertainment center, etch.
  • SPRUCE UP THE HOME: If a couple has purchased a home that is in need of work, have a painting /wall papering party. Each guest comes in work clothes, armed with a paintbrush, sponges, and tools needed to get the chosen job done. (Don't forget to reward your guests for their help. My soaps make perfect "Thank You" gifts.)
  • YARD AND GARDEN PARTY: Few newlyweds have all they need to do their yard work. Have a shower with this in mind, to furnish seeds, tools, hoes, watering cans, gloves, broom, rake, or shovel.
  • HONEYMOON FUND: Have each guest contribute a small amount of cash to help newlyweds go somewhere special for their honeymoon.

Growing an Avocado

  • Easy to grow, avocados make great decorative plants for your home. Wash the avocado pit, remove the dark skin covering, and prop it up in a glass of water, point side up. Use three toothpicks stuck into it to help hold it up in the water. The pit should be about 2/3 submerged in water. It takes several weeks for the root to sprout. Keep the water level up as it evaporates. When the root reaches a length of 3 to 4 inches, plant it in potting soil in a 4-inch clay pot.

Growing a Pineapple

  • For and interesting houseplant, try planting the top of your next Pineapple purchase. Twist the top of your fresh Pineapple to remove it. Peel off a few layers of the leaves from the bottom of it. You'll see the exposed roots tight up on the stem. When you have exposed about an inch to an inch and one half of it, plant the top in moist potting soil and watch it develop new leaves from inside the center top. It makes a lovely houseplant, and with luck, in two years or so, you'll have a pineapple!

Making Felt

  • Try this fun and beautiful craft.
  • Felt is easy to make yourself once you understand the basics. You will need a wool batt, which can be purchased where you find weaving or spinning supplies. For enough felt to make a vest or two, the batt should be 2-3 inches thick and between 1 and 2 pounds. Carefully peel the layers of wool apart to make several thin layers. Arrange wool in even layers on a clean old bed sheet cut to 60 inches wide, changing the direction of the fibers with each layer: first right to left, then top to bottom. Four or more layers are best.
  • Fold a sheet over wool layers from two sides, then tightly roll it jelly roll fashion and tie it in several places along the length with string. Wash it in the washing machine in hot water with detergent for a full cycle. Open the sheet and peel away the felt! Dry flat. Press gently with a warm iron.
  • Color may be added with dyed wool fibers, strands of yarn or bits of fabric between the layers of wool, or use your imagination. Thickness of fabric is controlled by the layers of wool. Felt can make beautiful vests, hats, purses, Christmas stockings, blankets or dolls. Have fun!